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"Hi. My name is Vasile and I am from Moldova. I have over 20 years experience in the massage field. I provide safe, friendly affordable healing for accidents, injury, illness, anxiety, stress, tension, fatigue, headaches and much more.

"Massage can mean different things to different people. As a therapist I work hard to see, hear and feel the client and ensure they get a treatment that is tailored just for their needs. Massage can be a cure for pain, a tool for weight loss and improved circulation, as well as improving muscle tone and relaxation.

Massage can also help with cellulite and even depression. Massage can help you feel great about yourself and about life. Massage is for everybody. It is for adults, children, rich, poor, athletes and the not so active. Massage raises immunity and with it the desire to live. Investing in massage is an investment in your health and your happiness. Massage can help you live a better and longer life."

- Vasile Bria

Vasile Bria is a renowned massage therapist and healer who has over 20 years training and experience. Vasile is fully insured by Lloyds.

He was taught massage by his mother in his native Moldova and studied certificate and diploma courses at the Brandon Raynor's Massage Masters School.

Vasile is a registered regular therapist with the annual Electric Picnic and Body and Soul music and arts festivals."


Swedish Massage ,Neck and back pain massage,head massage, sport injuries massage,

Contact: Vasile Bria 01-5044258 / 086-3949882 Lucan Co.Dublin Ireland